New Visa Service for Thai Citizens & Int'l Passport Holders based in Thailand

3 Month Tourist Visa

We can now help anyone who is based in Thailand, including Thai Citizens, to apply for a 3 Month Tourist Visa to most worldwide destinations.

Just call us through our Contact Us page to begin the application process.

Fun For Kids

VocabGenii is a free online vocabulary building game. Each round is only 90 seconds, and you can play anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

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Convert Units

For when you need to convert U.S or U.K. to metric.

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What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

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Welcome to P.N.A.

At PNA, we fully understand "all" that is entailed when it comes to your choosing a Nanny!

Afterall, we have been providing the highest level of service to both local and foreign families since 1991!

pramIf you ask around you will soon discover that many people know about PNA and the Agencies founder Khun Nitiporn (Ms Nitiporn Thavuti), and we are not referring to just the nanny community - some of your longer-staying neighbours may very well know about us too or even use our girls.

The service is also often utilized by Embassy staff, members of The UN, The EU Delegates and many other discerning members of the metropolitan Bangkok community.

Our service is very much a match-making service enabling us to only introduce candidates who match each enquirer’s individual requirements. So let us know if you require her to live-in or live-out …. look after toddlers or a newborn or more than 1 child …….. whether she needs to be able to speak English ……. would you like someone who will also provide maid duties (cook, wash, clean, iron) ………… tell us all those little things that can make the difference to how well your new nanny will settle in by returning our Customer Enquiry Form. help wanted

The girls at PNA Ltd are accustomed to adapting to new routines with new employers and so we are confident that we can find the right nanny or maid for you. Call or email us at your earliest convenience.

"New" Visa Service

Our website has a wealth of information, help and advice on the matters of Nannies, Housekeepers, Drivers as well as Thai customs etc, and so do please look through the site at your leisure.

We also offer an International Visa Service, where both "Thai Citizens" and any International Passport holder currently staying in Thailand, can apply for a "3 Month Tourist Visa" to virtually any destination worldwide.

That could a big help if you suddenly have to visit another country, or home, and need to take your Nanny with you!

Or perhaps you are going on holiday outside Thailand and want to take your Nanny too! Just call us. All accepted applications will be successful!

Any questions you may have that you cannot find an answer to within the site, then please contact us through any of the contact details as can be found on our Contact Us page.

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