New Visa Service for Thai Citizens & Int'l Passport Holders based in Thailand

3 Month Tourist Visa

We can now help anyone who is based in Thailand, including Thai Citizens, to apply for a 3 Month Tourist Visa to most worldwide destinations.

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Fun For Kids

VocabGenii is a free online vocabulary building game. Each round is only 90 seconds, and you can play anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

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Convert Units

For when you need to convert U.S or U.K. to metric.

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What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

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Our Nannies

our nannies3

Behind PNA is more than 20 years direct experience in providing quality nannies and maids to both Thai and non-Thai customers throughout Bangkok and the provinces of Thailand.

Over the years we have learnt that although some of the nanny duties are an important part of a nanny job, they should never take priority over looking after the children.

Our nannies know that their duties should be done during down time, whilst the children are at activities (activities that do not require their presence or involvement), asleep or at school or nursery.

They are also aware that because a nanny is also a professional child carer their duties will mostly be child-related such as preparing nutritious meals and snacks, washing and ironing the children's clothing and bedding as well as tidying the children's bedrooms and playrooms.If they will be required to carry out household duties for the rest of the family then of course we will be happy to discuss this with you too. Many staff will be happy to operate as the nanny and maid and already have experience in such a role.

Below is a brief guideline of some duties that may be useful if you are structuring a schedule for your nanny.

    • Protecting the children of the family from harm and ensuring that they have a safe environment.
    • Preparing appetizing meals and snacks to the children of the family.
    • Helping the children prepare for school in the mornings and even accompanying them.
    • Maintaining communication with the parents, informing them of each of their children's development and relating any concerns in behaviour.
    • Maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of the house as affected by the children of the family.
    • Checking and ensuring that there are sufficient supplies such as bread, milk, nappies, wipes etc. for each day, buying items at local shops if necessary, keeping an account of all money spent.

A nanny is typically engaged to be responsible for all care of the children in the home in a largely unsupervised setting. Duties are typically focused on childcare and any household chores or tasks related to the children.

They may or may not have any formal training. However, they will have significant actual experience to help them to be successful and happy in their role as your nanny.

As you would expect from a professional nanny Agency, all of our staff are carefully screened in a personal interview plus we check the identity of each nanny with the relevant authorities. We also retain their family contact numbers and addresses as well as copies of their ID card and passport. We pride ourselves in selective nanny recruitment and reassuring family care for you and your children. Non-Thais who work with us all have the correct paperwork (work-permit & visa) legally entitling them to work and copies of all of these documents can be provided once a candidate has been selected.

If you need further information, please look through our FAQ. Alternatively you can complete the online detailed Customer Enquiry Form form, of which upon receipt we will contact you with the answers to your questions.

Or just contact us through our Contact Us page.