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Questions and Answers

Below you will find the answers to many of your questions. Just click on any question to open the answer. Click again on the question to close the answer

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please either go to our Enquiry Form page and complete the form and submit it and we will get back in touch with you quickly, or go to our Contact Us page where you can find our office number and office hours listed.

Q1: Is there a service charge?

A1. No. There is a Co-Ordination & administration fee of 2500baht which also acts as an Engagement Fee. This entitles you to interview up to three candidates (subject to availability), but there is no Service charge as such at PNA.

Q2: If I need a replacement are there any additional fees to pay?

A2. We do guarantee our service and will change or replace any candidate without further cost to you in the unlikely event that she is not suitable for your family.

Q3: How many days does it take PNA to find a replacement?

A3. Between 1 - 7 days to find a replacement. PNA actually provide complimentary accommodation for nannies & maids who are seeking a new employer so often have staff available for an immediate start.

Q4: How can I be sure the candidate does not have any medical issues that I should know about?

A4. We can easily and quickly arrange for candidates to undergo a Pre-Employment Medical Check at one of two International Hospitals (Nontevej International Hospital or Piyathai International Hospital), prior to them taking up their new position. The results of the test will be available the same day.

For a full medical examination at Nontevej International Hospital, the cost is 3,200 baht. This cost will need to be provided in advance. The hospital will issue a receipt and PNA Ltd pass this cost directly onto the client without any alteration. For more details about the full Pre-Employment Medical Check carried out at the Nontevej International Hospital, please click here.

Our Nannies can also undergo a standard Pre-Employment examination at Piyathai International Hospital. The fee for the 'standard' Pre-Employment Medical Check is 1500thb excluding HIV test (1950thb inclusive). This cost will need to be provided in advance. The hospital will issue a receipt and PNA Ltd pass this cost directly onto the client without any alteration. The standard medical examination includes checks for: Eyes, Ears, Heart, Lungs, Blood Pressure, as well as TB, Leprosy, Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Diabetes, Hepatitus B. HIV screening is readily available upon request as an additional test and charge.

If you want your Nanny to take the Pre-Employment Medical Check examination at either Piyathai International Hospital or Nontevej International Hospital, please contact us so that we can make all the arrangements.

Q5: Are there any other fees I should be aware of?

A5. Once a candidate has been selected we will require a Booking Fee to secure her services. The Booking Fee is equivalent to one month’s salary.

Q6: How many days holiday should we give the candidate?

A6. We suggest that in addition to a weekly days rest, that a limited selection of the more prominent Thai Public holidays be made available as holiday, such as Songkran Festival, The Kings Birthday, Labour Day, etc. For a list of days recognised as public holidays, please see the list below:
    Minimum one day a week (generally Sunday)
    1. Songkran Festival: 13 – 15 April
    2. May Day: 1 May (or the Monday if 1st is at weekend)
    3. Queens Birthday: 12 August (or the Monday if 12th is at weekend)
    4. Chulalongkorn Day: 23 October (or the Monday if 23rd is at weekend)
    5. H.M. Kings Birthday: 5 December (or the Monday if 5th is at weekend)
    6. New Years Eve: 31 December
    7. New Years Day: 1 January

Q7: What if I need the candidate to work extra days?

A7. Many staff welcome the opportunity to work extra days as the extra money is appreciated. Over time work and pay can be discussed prior to hiring and agreed case by case but generally the overtime rate is calculated at the standard daily rate plus 50%.

Q8: What information does PNA need from me?

A8. There is some information we need from the you as the employer to support the recruitment process and we have an online brief questionnaire that we ask you to complete and submit. Information such as a short job description, scope of work and responsibilities, live-in or live-out, etc. Please go to our Enquiry Form page where you can send us the information required through the online form.

Q9: Is holiday entitlement really necessary?

A9. In accordance with the labour laws it is highly recommended that the employer provide the employee with time to rest and relax away from work. A day off helps to provide some quality of life and allows for time to be spent with friends and family. This in turn helps the employee to maintain a good mental and physical condition as well as reduce stress. Providing days off has also been proven to decrease sick leave and reduce the likelihood of requiring a replacement.

Q10: How much salary should I offer?

A10. For details on the average salaries please see our Salary Guide.

Q11: What are my responsibilities to the candidate?

A11. The candidate should receive benefits to include:
  • One day off each week.
  • A selection of the Thai public holidays.
  • Adequate sleeping quarters (for those who live-in).
  • Provision of three meals each day, food to prepare their own meals (for those who live-in) or a food allowance to enable them to purchase their own food.
  • An annual bonus (optional) typically equal to one months salary OR an annual salary revision - or both.

Q12: How much should I pay for a candidates meals?

A12. For a full time live in employee an employer must provide for 3 meals a day - or the funds with which to buy food with. If providing funds then the food expense is:
  • 25-30 baht/meal or 75- 100baht/day. (Rice provided by employer).
  • 35-40 baht/meal or 100-120baht/day. (No rice provided).
Payment may be paid to the employee daily, weekly, twice a month or can even be included in the salary payment. The amounts are subject to slight change of course depending on the economic climate and the actual geographical location of the workplace.

Q13: Do I need to draw up a contract with the person I hire?

A13. Unless you intend to offer the successful applicant a regular Thai Contract of Employment we strongly advise against this. We have a Booking Form which lays down the agreed terms of employment (working hours, working days, salary, job description). This can be tailored to suit all needs and is signed by the Agency and the employer - copies are also retained by each party.

Q14: What can I expect from the person that I hire?

A14. Every family is different and has a different set of duties and expectations from their staff. While some families only hire a Nanny to take care of their children, others ask their Nannies to also do light housework or take care of pets and even sometimes cook. To avoid confusion between you and the person you hire it is useful to explain what the duties will be in advance. Changes to agreed duties should be re-agreed to avoid confusion or unhappiness later. For a more detailed explanation, please visit our What Is A Nanny page.

Q15: How do I pay?

A15. The Booking Fee is required to actually “book” the applicant and is required at the point of hiring. The applicant you select then knows that she has been hired and does not need to continue meeting other families. Payment can be made in cash to our representative at the interview or by bank transfer to :

Siam Commercial Bank,

A/c name: Nitiporn Thavuti,

Savings Account No. 308-245166-5.

Bangkok Bank Plc,

A/c name: Mark L Hempstead,

Savings Account No. 101-848687-6.

Alternatively we can arrange for cash payments to be collected at your home at a time convenient for you. In such circumstances cash payments must always be made to a member of the Agencies staff and not to the employee.