New Visa Service for Thai Citizens & Int'l Passport Holders based in Thailand

3 Month Tourist Visa

We can now help anyone who is based in Thailand, including Thai Citizens, to apply for a 3 Month Tourist Visa to most worldwide destinations.

Just call us through our Contact Us page to begin the application process.

Fun For Kids

VocabGenii is a free online vocabulary building game. Each round is only 90 seconds, and you can play anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

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Convert Units

For when you need to convert U.S or U.K. to metric.

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What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

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Job Outline

Here is a selection of the Thai Public Holidays that the staff will expect to receive.

Recognized Public Holidays
Festival Name Month Dates
1 Songkran Festival April 13th to 15th
2 May Day May 1st
3 Queen's Birthday August 12th
4 King's Birthday December 5th
5 Year End December 31st
6 New Year January 1st

Of those public holidays listed Songkran is unavoidable as a holiday as the entire country closes for the Songkran Festival and the majority of the nannies go back home to celebrate with their families. In certain areas of the country the celebrations last for 5 days. A selection of the other holidays on the list can be discussed and agreed prior to engagement of the nanny to avoid any upsets or disputes at a later stage.

Any questions you may have that you cannot find an answer to within the site, then please contact us through any of the contact details as can be found on our Contact Us page.