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Tips To Interviewing Domestic Staff In Thailand.

Quite literally on a daily basis at PNA we interview people of varying nationalities who want to work as a nanny or a maid. Some of them come recommended from our existing nannies, some come recommended from their previous employers who is trying to help them find a good employer before they repatriate……and some just walk into the office asking to register with us in the hope that we can help them find a new job. So we recruit from a number of sources and we have a unique perspective on the art of interviewing - we know which questions need to be asked, how to ask them and which ones are best avoided.

We interview every single candidate prior to us finding them a new employer anyway and we find out the answers to all of those questions Asians don't like being asked and when we present you with a candidate we'll present you with this information too - ahead of the meeting - so that the interview can run smoothly and nobody is made to feel uncomfortable.


1- Where do you stay and how will you get to work? How long will your journey be? (long commutes through Bangkok traffic means they are likely to be late on occasions through no fault of their own).

2- . Have you looked after children before who are the same age as my children?

3- We do not speak any Thai, will this be ok for you? You speak English well? Read English?

4- If I am late home from work one day, are you able to stay and help? (if this occurs often additional pay for those extra hours will be expected if you wish her to continue being available).

5- Do you have any children of your own? Who looks after them when you are at work? 6. When the children are at school we need you to tidy the home and do some washing/laundry. Maybe also do some grocery shopping too. This is ok, did you do the same in your last job?

6- When the children are at school we need you to tidy the home and do some washing/laundry. Maybe also do some grocery shopping too. This is ok, did you do the same in your last job?

7- Tell me about your last employer…..where were they from……how many children did they have…….what ages were they……..did both parents work…….where are they now?

8- Are there any types of food you cannot eat or touch?

9- How do you feel about taking the children to the park sometimes? Or swimming? (Surprisingly few nannies in Thailand can swim but most will be ok to play in the pool with their feet on the bottom).

10- We don't want you using your phone when watching the children, is that ok for you? And we limit the amount of time the kids spend in front of the TV or on the computer, we will need you to do the same with them ok?

These are just a few sample questions, the single most important thing to look for in an interview is how the nanny reacts to your questions and not quite so much what the answer might be. Good eye contact, nodding of the head, considered answers and a friendly smile will indicate that "she" has enjoyed the interview with you and likes you……if she likes you it is the best start and almost everything else is achievable from here.

A good way to bring the interview to a close is to ask the nanny if she has any questions, it also indicates to her that you are interested in what she might be thinking. Another positive for you. We have some guidelines regarding Thai Customs & Etiquette Thai Customs and etiquette which may also help with the interview process.

Some things to bear in mind when interviewing Agency staff.

Try to put the nanny at her ease, she will likely be a little nervous. If she feels under pressure her responses will be hurried and could even be inaccurate as she will be trying to end the interview as quickly as she can. Every candidate we present from PNA will be capable of fulfilling the role and will have previous experience in a similar role, they are not as confident as westerners sometimes expect them to be though.

Reference Letters.

Job letters from previous employers are still not typically given to domestic staff in Thailand, certainly not by Asian employers and quite often not by expat employers either, unless specifically requested & it is not unusual for Asian staff to consider it rude to ask an employer for one. So any staff from PNA who do not have reference letters should not be dismissed out of hand as they could quite simply just be shy or polite. Applicants without reference letters will usually have lower salary expectations. But without question we can guarantee that there are some very good nannies without reference letters. It should also be mentioned here that there is a thriving market in "fake" job letters. We can very often spot these quickly and will 100% not present candidates who have suspected "doctored" reference letters. You can trust PNA so our advice is to sit our candidates down in front of you anyway and talk to them because there is still no substitute for a face to face meeting.

Thai Employment Law.

Domestic staff in Thailand are exempted from Thai Employment Law so they are very keen to avoid difficult or bad employers and uncomfortable situations as a result. This legal anomaly is the main reason why PNA asks every enquirer to read through and agree to our Terms of Service in advance – our Agreement offers basic protection to all parties and forms the basis of your future relationship with your nanny.


The genuinely good nannies with experience will have worked very hard for any number of years edging their way up the nanny pay-scale and most likely will have been rewarded accordingly by previous employers as good staff genuinely are difficult to find in Thailand. So they will know their worth better than you most probably and will look to maintain their income and status. Contrary to popular belief not everything is negotiable in Thailand and asking these types of nanny to accept less than they are looking for is likely to cause offence. We are there to protect all parties and we will advise you by email ahead of any interviews just how much salary each candidate is looking for. Anyone who we believe to be asking for too high a salary will be spoken to before they have any interviews and we will advise them to adjust their expectations. Salary Guide