New Visa Service for Thai Citizens & Int'l Passport Holders based in Thailand

3 Month Tourist Visa

We can now help anyone who is based in Thailand, including Thai Citizens, to apply for a 3 Month Tourist Visa to most worldwide destinations.

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Fun For Kids

VocabGenii is a free online vocabulary building game. Each round is only 90 seconds, and you can play anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

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Convert Units

For when you need to convert U.S or U.K. to metric.

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What Was There?

WhatWasThere ties American historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.

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How to keep good staff.

In Thailand experienced and reliable domestic staff are difficult to find and are worth every Baht that you pay them. "Good" staff in Thailand are defined not just by how well they carry out their duties, their overall approach to the job and how well they interact with their employer is equally as important as ability. Someone who may not be a super nanny or maid might be a lovely person and be reliable which is equally as valuable if not more so as someone who is super-efficient and organized but not friendly. Four Pointers To Retaining Good Staff.

keep good staff

1- Don't scrimp when it comes to the person who will be taking care of your children. Don't pay them only what you are absolutely required by law to pay because if you pay them just the bare minimum then the message you give to them is they are not valued more than any other nanny or maid. If they feel like this it is just a matter of time before they find an employer who realizes how much she is really worth and more importantly is willing to pay it.

2- Being a nanny or a maid is not a low class job in Thailand. To them it is a job with status & something to be proud of when they talk among their own circle of friends and family. So we advise that you treat them as valued employees and not as servants if you wish them to be happy and stay. Otherwise as with monetary compensation, if you don't treat them well… someone else will be happy to do so.

3- Give them their own time and their own space. Having a live-in nanny doesn't mean she is on call 24 hours per day. She needs her own life, her own space and her own time too. If you make her work environment seem like a prison she might just grab the first opportunity to escape.

4- Be kind, patient and understanding in your actions. You, in turn, will be rewarded with their loyalty. Be difficult to please, stingy and/or complaining and you are effectively pushing them into finding a new job.

General Etiquette.

Courtesy is very important in Thailand. Being polite and respectful to others is considered indispensable to maintaining good relations. Speaking softly and smiling warmly will always help to create positive dealings. As in many other Asian countries, causing someone to "lose face" is never good. Open criticisms and negative responses are seen as an insult to the other person and cause them to lose face. Regardless of who is "right" or "wrong", it is the person who has caused another to lose face that is seen as the one who has erred. Negative responses should be given indirectly and compromises should be sought when agreements cannot be found. Public displays of emotion are best avoided. In no situation is it considered appropriate to show anger or a negative emotion. Doing so causes the other person to lose face and will not encourage sympathy or help from others.